Posted by: Sujoy Das | August 17, 2012

Web Enabled Tea Plantation ERP Software

Teapac, the well accepted ERP for tea plantations running since 2005 is now ready for a make over!

RDG is proud to announce the launch in the next few months of Teapac Ver 2.0 for the web. The software will have all the robust features and functionality of the original Teapac along with:

  • Blazing fast speed – you don’t need to wait for processing any more!
  • Web access from any PC from anywhere in the world – you can see the garden data from your Head Office as you need daily.
  • SMS/Email alerts – all major indicators like green leaf, tea made, despatch qty, tea sorted, tea packed, pluckers productivity, recovery ratios, etc will be triggered daily on mobile phones or email as needed from the system. No need to call the garden any longer for information. Information on your Iphone/Ipads also!
  • Option to use module by module as needed – not necessary to buy the full software
  • Option to have a pay to use system on subscription basis monthly
  • Versatile  software will incorporate all norms and requirements of Darjeeling, Dooars, Assam and South India.
  • Totally parameter driven : changes can be made as needed for different areas, different rules etc. in seconds without having to  spend money to customise the sofware.
  • Web enabled Head Office module also fully integrated with the plantations

Stay tuned for further updates and news!

We plan to have the software ready and running for the next season!

Self running demos will be available on the internet itself – you can view them from the comfort of your own PC or laptop!


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