About Teapac

Download the   Teapac E Brochure March 2012 here!

Teapac is an ERP software for  tea gardens and the Head Office. It covers the entire gamut of tea garden activity starting from plucking of tea to despatch from the factory.

Teapac consists of Payroll (including Rations, Census and Welfare), Inventory, Accounting, Field, Manufacturing and Budgeting.

It is based on modules which integrate with each other so that there is no duplication or redundancy of data. The software would replace earlier legacy systems which are now obsolete (DOS/Foxpro) and a host of MIS reporting on Excel.

Teapac has been developed by RDG Systems and Software Private Ltd an ISO 9001:2008 company with more than twenty years experience in the tea industry in the areas of audit, finance, systems and software.


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