Posted by: Sujoy Das | March 17, 2015

Tea Garden Software – Web Based Teapac

Our new web based software for Tea plantations and Head Office is now up and running and we are in the process of a number of live implementations in Assam! The main features are:

  • Full security module with user rights for administrator and operators as needed password protected
  •  Blazing fast speed – no need to wait for reports or data entry any more – reports in 2 to 3 seconds only!
  •  email options of key information directly from the package as the information is updated – no need to phone garden for information
  •  Ability to access the package from any where so long as you have an internet connection.
  •  Full parameter matrix to enable and disable features as needed
  •  Fast report generation
  • Options to export reports directly from the package to PDF and excel formats
  •  Important data like employee masters, account heads, stores items etc can be directly imported into the package from excel sheets thereby reducing data entry time significantly
  •  Options in built to configure the software for DarjeelingDooars, Assam,CacharSouth India etc. as needed.
  •    Single company , multi garden in the same location now possible
  •  Grid system attendance for daily guinty books
  •  Integration with Easy weigh and other systems of automated  leaf weighment
  • full integration between all gardens and one HO for consolidation
  • Many more new features and advanced features.  

For more details and a demo please e-mail us – or


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