Teapac FAQ

What is Teapac?

  • Teapac is a current technology Windows based ERP software for tea estates and their Head Office.

What does Teapac cover?

  • For plantations Teapac covers the entire gamut of activities from plucking to despatch. The modules are Payroll, Inventory, Accounting, Field, Manufacturing and Budgeting.
  • Head Office- Tea Sales, Purchases,  and integration of estate accounts with HO.

What computers and peripherals are needed to run Teapac?

  • Teapac runs on a Windows network so current technology computers with printer/UPS is needed.

What software is used to develop Teapac?

  • Teapac has been developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with Microsoft SQL server as the database and Crystal Reports for the reporting tool.

Which tea companies should consider migrating to Teapac or starting with Teapac?

  • Companies which do not have any computer systems in the tea estates at present.
  • Companies which have software developed on DOS/Foxpro/Dbase platform which is now obsolete.
  • Companies which have a software but it is not integrated as an ERP.
  • Companies who are looking for an integrated solution covering both tea estates and Head Office

What are the advantages after implementing Teapac?

  • Integrated, single point entry: updated automatically by the system to the different modules as needed. No duplication of data entry at any stage.
  • Security – password protected security system.
  • Ease of use – windows based, menu driven, no complex commands, real time software, all files exported to Word, Excel as needed and can also be e-mailed from the system.
  • Control over rations, unproductive mandays, tight control over labour, overall cost savings and improvement in efficiency and productivity.
  • Real time reporting allowing prompt decision making and action. No batch processing of data.
  • Can be connected to Head Office through VSAT system or broadband internet.


Is it possible to customize Teapac to suit the specific requirements of a client?

Teapac is an ERP for tea plantations and their Head Offices so most standard requirements are already met.   However, should a company have  specific additional requirements  the same will be considered and customized at an additional cost.

What about installation, implementation, training and support?

  • Teapac will be installed and implemented at the tea estates by our team who will provide  implementation, training and support to the users as needed by the estate.

What is background of the developers of Teapac?

Teapac has been developed by RDG Systems and Software Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of Ray, Das and Gupta, Chartered Accountants which was set up in 1987 and has been providing specialized consulting, audit and systems advisory services to the tea industry since 1989.



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