Teapac Reports


You can download pdf files of our sample reports here

Teapac Payroll Reports

Teapac Financial Accounting Reports

Teapac Inventory Reports

Teapac Manufacturing and Field Reports

Teapac Budget Reports

  • Employee Master Checklist
  • Wages Register
  • Ration Register
  • Ration Summary Report
  • Daily Kamjari for whole garden division wise
  • Daily Attendance Sheet
  • Activity Code wise attendance report for a particular period
  • Activity Master check list
  • Weekly/ Fortnightly  Attendance checklist
  • Daily Control Sheet
  • Productive Mandays report
  • Unproductive Mandays report
  • Comparison of productive and unproductive for a period ( absolute and % wise)
  • Mandays account head wise in descending order
  • Summary of Work Force report for the garden  today and todate
  • Leave Report
  • PF deduction report
  • PF Ledger
  • PF Form 1
  • Paybook Summary report
  • Coins Analysis
  • Daily Green Leaf Report
  • Pluckers Range Report to detect low productivity pluckers through the system.
  • Leave with Wages Register
  • Bonus Register
  • Census Book
  • Loan/Advance detailed report
  • Absenteeism Report
  • Number of days worked report
  • Housing Status report
  • Housing  Master report
  • Sick Register
  • Welfare items issue report
  • Staff Salary Register
  • Staff Monthly Summary Report
  • Staff Ration Register
  • Staff DA/VDA Summary Report
  • Staff Attendance Report
  • Staff Leave Report
  • Staff LIC Report
  • Staff Loan /Advance Report


  • Sectional History year basis
  • Pruning Analysis ( Year wise Section wise pruning history)
  • Pruning wise sectional  Yield
  • Pruning summary report – Year wise Division wise
  • Division wise section master listing
  • Drainage status report
  • Daily green leaf report  Detailed
  • Daily Green Leaf Report Summary
  • Divisional weather report
  • Sectional yield report
  • Irrigation progress report
  • Nursery stock report
  • Nursery planting report
  • Nursery Issue to sections report
  • Sectional Yield History
  • Yearly Prune wise Yield Query
  • Yearly Sectional query.
  • Requisition Checklist
  • Requisition for which Purchase Order (P.O.) not raised.
  • Requisition partially executed
  • Purchase Order date wise
  • Purchase Order checklist
  • Puchase Order print out
  • Purchase Order fully executed
  • Purchase Order partially executed
  • Purchase Orders fully pending
  • Stores  Receipt Register (G.R.N)
  • GRN for which bill is pending report
  • Issue Register
  • Bill Register
  • Stores  Ledger
  • Item Stock Balance Report
  • Opening  Stock Balance Report
  • Essential/ Fast Moving  Items Report
  • Item Group Wise Checklist
  • Group Wise Issue Register ( Month and YTD)
  • Group Wise Stores Consumption Summary ( Month and YTD)
  • Account Sub Head Wise Item Consumption
  • Stores Item Group Summary Total


  • Payment / Receipt / Journal listing
  • Bank  Book
  • Cash Book
  • General Ledger
  • Sub Ledger
  • Expenditure  listing of Cash & Bank Transactions
  • Trial Balance
  • 3M  Expenditure of Accounts Statement  (for the month and todate)
  • Comparison of 3M Expenditure with the Budget ( for the month and to date)
  • Party Ledger – Detailed Transaction wise
  • Party Ledger –   Summary
  • Cost Centre Ledger – Detailed transaction wise
  • Cost Centre Ledger – Summary
  • Bill by Bill Outstanding Balance  Creditors Report
  • List of Account Head & Sub heads.


  • Month wise Allocation of Expenditure
  • Plucking Mandays Calculation Report
  • Budget Top sheet. Summary
  • Budget Top Sheet Details


  • Dryer Log book
  • Tea grade sorting  Details
  • Unsorted Tea / Tea wastage report
  • Packed Tea details
  • Daily factory report
  • Invoice Register
  • Bought leaf Received report
  • Group garden leaf Received report
  • Reconciliation of Production Report
  • Actual  green leaf and factory  green leaf weighment report
  • Arrived green leaf & Manufactured Tea details for factory


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