Posted by: Sujoy Das | January 12, 2017

Web Based ERP for Tea Estates and Head Office now live

Teapac 3


We have been working on a web based software for tea estates and head office by which you can link the estate with the head office through an internet connection and can also sitting in HO access the garden through internet. The package also transfers data from the garden to the head office seamlessly including integration.

In view of the requirement of bank accounts and NEFT transfers for all workers we are also developing a link by which the NEFT payment advice will be system generated and can be forwarded to the bank for immediate payment from the package. We are also working of making teapac GST complaint from April 2017 when GST will be introduced on tea sales.

As a demo we have put up the payroll and mis modules on the web in the following link given below. The user ID and password to run the demo is also given. The sample data would be possibly April and May 2016.

You may like to use this software for your tea estates and tea factories in Bangladesh and connect them to your head office

Do take a look at the demo and in case you want a full demo with all the modules including sales and head office please do contact:
Subrata Roy +91 8697735000

1) Tea Management – Amazon
Password : RCPL


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