Posted by: Sujoy Das | December 28, 2013

New Web Based Tea Garden Software – First Look!

RDG Systems and Software Private Limited (, the developers of Teapac the leading ERP for the Tea industry have tied up with Ray Computech Pvt Ltd ( to make the first web enabled ERP software for tea plantations and their Head Offices.  RDG brings to the table more than twenty years experience in the tea industry while Ray Computech is one of the largest software developers of ERP solutions for various industries.  The new software is being developed in the latest C  front end which has a number of very strong features for ERP development.

Some of the features of the new web enabled “Teapac” are given below:

  •  Full security module with user rights for administrator and operators as needed password protected
  • Audit Trail
  •  Blazing fast speed – no need to wait for reports or data entry any more – reports in 2 to 3 seconds only!
  •  SMS and email options of key information directly from the package as the information is updated – no need to phone garden for information
  •  Ability to access the package from any where so long as you have an internet connection.
  •  Full parameter matrix to enable and disable features as needed
  •  Fast report generation
  • Options to export reports directly from the package to PDF and excel formats
  •  Important data like employee masters, account heads, stores items etc can be directly imported into the packagefrom excel sheets thereby reducing data entry time significantly
  •  Options in built to configure the software for DarjeelingDooars, Assam,CacharSouth India etc. as needed.
  •  Multiple currency options for foreign countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc.
  •  Customized reporting options without re-writing/modifying source code
  •  Single company , multi garden in the same location now possible
  •  Grid system attendance for daily guinty books
  •  Integration with Easy weigh and other systems of automated  leaf weighment
  • Many more new features and advanced features.  

Some of the newly developed screen shots are below:

Teapac 5

Teapac 1

Teapac 2

Teapac 3


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