Posted by: Sujoy Das | April 2, 2012

Does Teapac ERP software result in cost savings?

In a recent presentation to the owner of a group of tea estates in Kolkata, I was suddenly asked “Will there be any savings in cost if I install Teapac?”

The question set me thinking and when I returned to my office I asked my team for some figures for rations in different gardens where Teapac is installed. The Census of the garden for workers and dependants is through the Teapac system and so I thought maybe I should check whether a correct census has made any difference to the ration quantities. The results of three gardens are given below:


Ration Quantity before Teapac per fortnight

Ration Quantity after Teapac per fortnight

Savings per fortnight

Savings per year (approx)

Approx value of Savings per year

Garden A: Crop 14 lac kgs;  Permanent Strength: 1200 workers 9,000 kgs 8,300 kgs 700 kgs 16,800  kgs Rs 1,33,980/-
Garden B: Crop 7 lac kgs;  Permanent Strength: 650  workers 5000 kgs 4600 kgs 400 kgs 9600 kgs Rs 76,560/-
Garden C: Crop 20 lac kgs; Permanent Strength: 2600   workers 30,000  kgs 28,800 kgs 1,200 kgs 28,800 kgs Rs 2,11,392/-

Note: Rice @ Rs 8.61 per kg and Atta @ Rs 7.34 per kg.  Rice and Atta considered 1:1.

The table reveals that there are savings for all the gardens irrespective of size and number of workers. The maximum savings is for Garden C where Teapac will pay for itself in full within 17 months only on the savings in Rations alone! Other than Rations there will be additional savings in mandays, better control over stores and lower inventory stocking etc. Similar analysis of mandays before and after Teapac should throw up some interesting results as well!

So install Teapac and save money as well!



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