Posted by: Sujoy Das | August 24, 2010

Tea Plantation Software: New Reports for Teapac

We have introduced some new reports in payroll, inventory and accounting modules of Teapac. Some of these reports which would be useful for the tea estates are given below:


  • Daily/Monthly Kamjari Report with wages and mandays (both)
  • Activity Code wise attendance for employees who have worked in that activity for a specific date range .
  • Complete list of Deductions from Wages –  Paybook wise, employee code wise.


  • Cost centre Item wise consumption
  • Item Group Wise stock summary (on single page)
  • Essential/Critical Items Report ( customisable for the items which you choose)
  • Inventory Consumption Summary for the month and YTD


  • Summary Monthly Garden Expenditure (on one sheet)
  • Summary Cost per Kg comparison with budget/previous year ( on one sheet)
  • Multi column Cash/Bank book with option to choose cash/bank/both/all

In case you would like to see some of these reports in soft copy please do e-mail me at

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