Posted by: Sujoy Das | July 24, 2010

The Assam logo: Assam Tribune July 15th 2010

Tea Board of India (TBI) is all set to introduce an exclusive Assam logo in the line of ISI mark to ensure that only quality Assam CTC tea enter the export market.
The Assam logo would be introduced to put in place stringent quality mechanism system for the export market where Assam tea is facing stiff competition from those produced in Kenya and Sri Lanka.
This was informed by Roshni Sen, deputy chairperson, Tea Board of India while interacting with a select group of reporters today.

“It is not that all tea produced in Assam would be given the logo. The quality will have to be of certain standard to secure the logo unlike what is happening now,” Sen stated, adding that the companies would soon be asked to apply for the logo and accordingly steps would be taken.
“Assam tea is doing quite well in the international market but the logo would further improve its acceptability,” feels the deputy chairperson of the Board, adding that surprise checks would be done to ensure that the logo is not misused.
The Board is also planning to introduce stringent steps for better quality monitoring of the tea produced in the country to reduce adulteration.
The senior official of the Tea Board was also for strict implementation of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act to bring those indulging in adulteration to book.
She was here to take stock of the e-auction going on in the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre and also participate in the core-committee meeting.
A good number of representatives from various reputed brands across the country participated in the auction today.
Asked, Sen stated that the e-auction system which started a year back is reaping good dividends and very soon it may attract global bidders. On GTAC, she said that it being the largest centre in the country is performing very well.
Earlier, V Rajaraman, vice-president of NSCIT that looks after the Information Technology side told newsmen that e-auction, which India has pioneered would be adopted by other tea producing countries too.
“Besides making bidding very simple and transparent, it has also helped in ensuring fair price discovery mechanism with the ever increasing volume of trade,” he pointed out adding that very soon many other products including spices, coffee too would be auctioned through electronic medium like it is successfully done in case of tea.
The Board, he informed, is also contemplating to introduce a future trading system where top 20 qualities of tea would be up for future trading.
“The concept could be tagged as Tea20,” he added.

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