Posted by: Sujoy Das | July 3, 2010

Tea Plantation software: Computer Hardware needed

We  have been getting a number of queries regarding the computer hardware needed to run Teapac. There are also queries relating to the upgradation of old machines in the gardens to make them Teapac compatible. So, in this post I will discuss both these two aspects.


  • Any current PC which you can purchase today with around 1 GB or 2 GB of memory will be sufficient to run Teapac. We suggest a minimum of 1 GB on the node and 2 GB for the server. The typical cost of this kind of PC without Windows licence will be around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 depending on brand and configuration. The cost of the Windows licence would be around Rs 6500 per licence, XP Professional.
  • You also need a good high speed dot matrix printer for printing 132 col reports. Any of the brands TVS, Wipro, Epson etc should be sufficient.  A speed range of 300 cps and above would be preferred. Prices would range from Rs 10,000 upwards.
  • A good UPS system is a must to protect the computers in the event of power break down which is rampant in the gardens. APC, Tata Liebert are some of the good brands in this business. A 500 VA UPS costing around Rs 2000-2500 is suitable for a single system and would give about 15-20 minutes of backup. If you are looking for a longer back up then you will be need to buy a UPS with external battery backup.
  • I have already discussed the requirements of Anti Virus in a separate post so I am not repeating it here but Anti Virus software is a must. Please see
  • Depending on the number of computers running you will need a switch. There are 8 port and 16 port switches. For most single gardens we have found that 8 port is usually sufficient. The cost of a 8 port switch is around Rs 1500 0r so and the cost of a 16 port switch is around Rs 2500 or so. There will also be requirements of CAT 5 cable for the network and RG 45 connectors which will depend upon the number of metres we need to cable. The cost of this is not very significant.


  • For all those estates who have been running Foxpro/Dbase packages on 286/386/486 /Pentium I/Pentium II computers I have bad news! None of these computers will have the necessary memory or processing power to run Teapac in a Windows environment.
  • Pentium III and Pentium IV computers should be compatible if we can increase the memory to 1GB  by using 2 512 Mb ram chips. This will depend on the availability of the memory chips.
  • All other machines such as Celeron, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon and the later generation of Intel based processors would be fine. It would be advisable to increase the memory on these to 1 GB if possible.

We welcome  your queries on this and would be pleased to answer any specific issue which you may have.


  1. nice new innovations through the world of programming keep up with the great efficait technology.

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